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Quick Start Service 


Japan market is very attractive.
However, there are many restrictions and culture differences, so you will have many challenges to start up.

- There are lots of Japanese paper works in Japanese to register your entity.

-  You need a Japanese residence to rent an office.

- Even a Mega Bank will not provide English version of a Trial Balance.

- Very difficult to hire "Bilingual Expert".

- The local Tax/Legal agents have lots of customers so they can't normally support timely communication between your headquarters and the local employees.


IN Japan will be able to support these above gaps for your success in Japan.

We also support the employees private service such as Tour Guide, and Contractual support. 

As start up company, there might be limited Benefit Plan, 

we support their employees especially the experts from overseas. 



Our Services

Connect Regal/Accounting Tax Agents

There are lots of Tax, Legal agents in Tokyo, though they must have already had over capacity. So it won't be good response.


IN Japan will arrange and support the communication gap between them.

Bilingual Admin Support

Normally, the Accounting/Tax agents support the professional part of your business. They will Not support administration work such as "communication between your HQ and the local employees" to be able to operate smoothly without stress. 

IN Japan will be able to support the gap as administrative service.

Employees Services such as Tour Guide,  Contractual Support

In addition, we provide some employees services such as Domestic Travel, Accommodation Guide, Family Picture, Movie services and Contractual support.

As start up company, there are very limited "Benefit Plan".  The experts might bring their families so it might be hard to find out reasonable apartment, the bank, and other contractual procedures in Japan without Japanese residence support.

We will be also support Tour Guide to relax their holidays.


Ready to Contact us?​

We are happy to support your success in Japan.

Please look into OUR SERVICES carefully, we are not Tax agent, but we can support to connect to start with.

Our main target customer is Small and Quick Start in especially in IT related industry.  

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 2-12-2, Minamidai, Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Yokohama, 226-0018, Japan

Tel. 050-5327-4087

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